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Boikot Israel!!!!!!!

Boikot bukanlah idea sampah.

Biar pun ramai yang sinis dengan idea boikot ini, halaman web Israeli Products . Com (http://www.israeliproducts.com/) boleh menjadi salah satu jendela untuk kita menjenguk reaksi regim Zionis terhadap kempen boikot yang berlangsung di seluruh dunia.

There is suffering and crushing poverty in much of Israel today. Self defense is expensive. Rebuilding war-ravaged lives, homes and businesses requires support. Most social services have been reduced drastically. Over 1.5 million people in Israel live below the poverty line. One in every three Israeli children is growing up poor- without enough food, without dental care, or shoes that fit. This store is our small attempt to make a difference. Our goal is to make high quality Israeli products easier to find and purchase for U.S. consumers. We urge our customers to support both America and Israel by purchasing MADE IN U.S.A. and MADE IN ISRAEL products whenever possible.

Sebelum jatuh simpati kepada gigi dan kasut anak-anak mereka, fikirkan pula apa yang sedang dihadapi oleh anak-anak saudara kita di luar tembok tinggi mereka.

Boikot jangan dipandang sampah.

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My Legend

Maslama al-Majriti (Arabic أبو القاسم مسلمة بن أحمد المجريطي) (b. Madrid – d. 1008 or 1007 CE), was an Arab Muslim astronomer, chemist, mathematician and scholar in Islamic Spain. He took part in the translation of Ptolemy's Planispherium, improved existing translations of the Almagest, introduced and improved the astronomical tables of al-Khwarizmi, aided historians by working out tables to convert Persian dates to Hijri years, and introduced the techniques of surveying and triangulation.

The authorship of part of the Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Sincerity has also been attributed to him, but this is unlikely. The authorship of the famous Picatrix is also attributed to him.